Tips And Tricks On Home Maintenance

You don’t have to wait for emergencies or repairs to call your Handy Andy. Home maintenance prevents problems from becoming significant. By catching them when they are just starting out, you can save yourself from a future headache and a ton of money. Tradie Hotline is resourceful when it comes to different aspects of home maintenance. Home maintenance should be done every so often.

Monthly home maintenance checklist


Here is a comprehensive list of what needs monthly maintenance.jhjhjhjhbbn

• Forced air heating system- the system is susceptible to repairs. You may need to change filters regularly if your manual says so.

• Fire extinguisher- check that it is full and in good working condition for an emergency.

• Sink tabs and drain holes- clean out the debris from sinks that could cause clogging. Most times, pouring hot water down the drain is enough effort but you may use better waste cleaners to ensure your drainage is good.

• Garbage disposal- this should be cleaned out monthly to remove dirt and disinfect. Clean it with baking soda and hot water.

• Water softener- check the water softener drum and replace the salt if needed.

Every two months, you should clean the grills on the wall furnace and the grease filter on the range hood. After three months, you should clean the aerator in the faucet, clean the tub drain and clear out debris, and clean out debris on the floor and outdoor drain grates.

Home maintenance checklist at six months

  • Test the batteries on the smoke detector and replace them if needed.
  • Check for leaks in the toilet and the water run-on as well.
  • Tighten drain collections and fasteners on the garbage disposal.
  • Check for caulking on sinks, tubs and showers. Change any deteriorating ones.
  • Vacuum lint from ducts in the clothes washer and its surrounding areas.
  • Check the wiring and replace any frayed wires and cords.
  • Wash the fan blades and housing of the range hood.

Annual home maintenance checklist

  • klklklknnmmlThe septic tank should be checked yearly by a professional. Pumping is recommended annually as well, and you can check for backups all year round.
  • The water heater should be cleaned and drain to get rid of the sediments. You should test the temperature pressure relief valve, and clean the ports and burner.
  • The HVAC system should be fine tuned by a professional to ensure it is working well.
  • The main cleanout drain should be cleaned by a professional to get rid of roots if you have trees in your compound as those crack the pipes.

With this tips and tricks, your home will be looking as good as new.