Common Air Conditioner Repair Needs

Common Air Conditioner Repair Needs

During the summer, people rely on the comfort of cool breeze that comes from the HVAC system. This explains why repair is needed if anything goes wrong. Before facing blistering doom because of a faulty cooling system, ensure you know the following common problems that are associated with air conditioning systems:

AC repair needs

Low refrigerant

yh2wedc7hw8ed2The common refrigerant used is called Freon. It is quite important in cooling your AC unit. This is a chemical which chills the air. According to, if the refrigerant is quite low, it is because there is a leakage of freon within the system. In such a case, adding new liquid can solve the problem though for a little while. However, it will eventually get to the low levels again. Thus, you should find out where there is a leakage and repair it immediately.

Broken outside fan

This is the fan that is meant to blow heat out of the home. If it is not operating as required, then you need to repair your air conditioner immediately. Stagnant hot air is likely to overheat the compressor and even cause damage to the unit.

Having a safety overload system will trip your AC unit if it becomes very hot inside. Unfortunately, a lot of damage may occur before safety overload kicks into the gear. If you realize that the fan is not working as required, you should turn off your AC and call an HVAC company.

Outside unit not working

When an outside unit is not working as required, you should prepare for AC repair. In this case, the system does not get adequate power. For instance, it may be a simple problem within the system. Also, your thermostat may not be working as required. Check whether the thermostat needs a new battery, or it should be replaced.

Faulty wiring

tgwedc6yhwe8duj2This is considered the most dangerous case. If you hire inexperienced technicians who are not licensed and certified to carry out the installation, then this is likely to occur. In fact, faulty wiring is a potential fire hazard. This means that your HVAC system is not getting the adequate power it requires to run. Faulty wiring also causes tripping of the circuit breaker.

Frozen inside coil

In this case, the solution can be quite simple like replacing the dirty filter or have the ducts cleaned. At some instance, the flow can be restricted and cause the coil to be cold. Fortunately, HVAC repair experts know what you should be done.