Rainwater Harvesting Techniques

There are different techniques for harnessing and storing rainwater for domestic and industrial use. This waster is collected from different surfaces like dams and rooftops. This resource would go to waste if not captured. This water has many benefits, and it has a significant impact on the surrounding. For instance, it is helpful in reducing water bills, providing water in extreme conditions, and easing pressure on pipes.

Harvesting rainwater means that you will have ample water to use. Rainwater is one of the healthiest and cleanest water- it is chemical free since it has not been treated with other products. The following are the proven methods for harnessing rainwater:


water barrel

Barrels are installed on properties harvest rainwater. They are mainly placed under the downspout of the guttering system to collect the rainwater that falls on the rooftops. Barrels are designed with spigots at their bases which are used to draw water when irrigating the garden. A hosepipe can be connected to a spigot to the drip irrigation system. You can either source a recycled or new barrel, depending on how to intend to use the harvested water. These storage units are cheap and easy to install.

Individuals using recycled barrels should make sure that they don’t have unwanted chemical residues. A lid is placed on the barrel’s top to prevent insects like mosquitoes from eggs on the harvested water. Individuals living in locations that experience freezing winter conditions should make sure that their rainwater barrels are disconnected during winter to prevent them from cracking and freezing. The only issue with this water harvesting method is its limited capacity leading to overflowing. Barrels made from translucent materials should be avoided as it can promote the growth of algae inside.

Green Roof

roof gardenThe green roof is a water harvesting technique that is helpful in cutting out the middlemen. With this method, water is diverted to the garden instead of storing it in storage units. Instituting a garden roof on a property is the best way of utilizing the rainwater immediately. The roof is protected by installing a down liner and setting up a drainage system that drains off the excess runoff into a barrel. Having a green roof is an effective way of providing insulation to property and protecting the rooftop from damage.

Wet system

With this system, several collection pipes are fitted to the properties’ downspouts to the underground storage tanks. The collection piles are always full of water. The storage tank should be installed in a place where there is adequate space. Collection pies are watertight, thereby preventing water from leaking into the soil.